Tuesday, November 19, 2013


I really need to get the pictures off Brandon's phone. Blogging is so hard these days, not just from having three kids three and under, but because it is such a pain to get the pictures from our phones to the computer.
I feel like I haven't taken hardly any pictures this month. It's crazy how much times have changed, I think my parents may have gone years at a time without taking pictures of me.
Hi and Bye to Myla. I just wanted to put this on here so I don't forget this sweet girl. My sister nannied her for a while and I kind of fell in love.
Mckinley eating an apple sitting on a toy drum.
Kallie was really enjoying her ride in the laundry basket.
Cutest cheesy smile.
Mckinley was eating an apple "not cut" and all of a sudden said Mom! Look! It's a D for Dad. I love when she sees letters in every day things.
I love when the kids turn around and start going down the stairs a little too early...
Making hand and foot print turkeys for Thanksgiving.
Cutest "O" lips.
Because it was too cute not to post.
This has been going on a LOT at our house. Who knew little one year olds could fight so much. But they do. Over everything.
But they follow each other all around the house playing nicely too...
Kallie loves to wear big shoes, even these super uncomfortable plastic dress up high heels.
Uh...I think it's safe to say Kallie is starting to climb. Yikes!! I can't believe she got herself up there.
This is soooo Mckinley.
Tyler and Kallie had to share a crib today for their nap because Maverik was using the other one. I can't believe how well they went to sleep in there together. So awesome!


Cyleste said...

Love the snow boots! Leah wears her snow boots all the time. She is also into eating whole apples too.

Sue Ann Salmon said...

Just letting you know that I stalk your blog (and have for a long time)so that I know what I have to look forward to! You are an amazing mom, I wish we lived closer, I need a twin mom support group:)