Friday, December 6, 2013

Brandon's Phone

I finally got all the pictures from Brandon's phone uploaded to the computer. We actually don't have that many pictures of the last few weeks because I have been sick with a miserable cold and not in the mood to take pictures much.
These pictures are absolute classics. There is one of me in my baby book when I fell asleep right in my mashed potatoes. And then another one of when I woke up and had mashed potatoes on my forehead. I used to get so mad when people would laugh at it. Ha ha. Anyway, here is Mckinley asleep on the counter while eating dinner. She has become a very picky eater when it comes to dinner time. We have to bribe her with every bite and sometimes it takes her hours to eat her dinner.
Cooking/baking are close to the bottom on my list of skills. I finally bought yeast for the first time in my life and made real dough from scratch. We made Navajo tacos and pizza with it. I know I shouldn't be proud of this at my age, but I am.
Navajo tacos. Mmmmm.
Here is a picture of Mckinley when she was dressed like a princess to go out trick or treating on Halloween. She wears this dress quite a few times every week. Has it on right now in fact. My mom found it at DI. :) I absolutely love it.
Mckinley thought it was pretty cool when the air from the vent was blowing on her.
And then Brandon told her to hold down her skirt. Ha ha. Hello Marilyn Monroe.
Brandon and Mckinley went out on a date one night and went miniature golfing and got some food.
She loves her dates with her dad.
Kallie is our climber. She loves being up on things like this.
Ah, just looking at this picture makes me jealous. Brandon wakes up every morning with our kids and usually Kallie will lay down on his chest for a while. She absolutely does not do this with me. Maybe for half a second if I ask her to but she does it on him all the time. Makes me so jealous!!!
Sisters. I hope they grow up to be best friends.
Mckinley is super excited about the snowman light hanging in her window.
I am really excited for Christmas this year. We haven't done any Christmas shopping yet, but I'm sure that will come eventually, right? I love the ages of our kids right now, I think all three of them will have fun opening presents and seeing Christmas lights and all that. It should be a good year! If we can just somehow manage to not be too sick on Christmas. I swear our kids get sick and pretty much stay sick all winter long every year. At least with runny noses. I know I could be dealing with a lot worse, but I am not very patient with these long lasting colds. :(
We have had a couple of challenging months with the twins. And by we, I mean me. And it's actually with all three of the kids. Mckinley has had a phobia lately of doors being closed or of me leaving the room. It has been very frustrating. And Tyler and Kallie are just cranky! A lot of the time. Of course they are fun and cute and learning so much and starting to communicate with us and so it's mostly awesome but boy, do I have my days (and weeks) where I can barely handle taking care of them.
Mckinley is starting to draw and write. Like all the time. She just draws whatever she wants and writes random letters and I just love it. She is really good at coloring too. Totally surprises me all the time to see what she can do. We just love her so much! And now to go tend to this crying son of mine....