Thursday, February 27, 2014

February - Part 2

Kallie is obsessed with all the new babies in our family and is always putting their binkies in their mouths. Such a little mom already!
 See? Always climbing. Kallie is always the leader.
Love this picture!! Having fun at the store shopping for a birthday present for a friend.
Tyler is such a boy and loves cars and balls and throwing things and yelling. I love it.
Mckinley at her cute friend's super hero birthday party. She had such a good time and still talks about it a lot.
Cute kiddos all ready for bed.
I love this. I have been working out at home doing videos for 8 weeks now and the kids love to try to copy what I'm doing. It makes working out so much more fun.
That's about it. February is not our favorite month of the year. Good thing it's short! And we did enjoy some really good weather towards the end for a few days. We are so ready for Spring!