Monday, March 10, 2014

Caves and Sleepy Babies

Mckinley is still obsessed with caves from back during her Croods streak. But now if she asks for a cave, all it means is to bring her mattress out to the family room so the kids can play on it. She sleeps out there almost every Friday night. All three of the kids have a blast jumping around on the mattress. Tyler and Mckinley love to jump off the couch on to it.
It's also super fun to sit and eat food on it. 
And speaking of sitting and eating food, I had to post this picture. The three of them decided to sit down next to each other and enjoy a banana. I sure do love these three kids.
Mckinley crashed on the couch today around 4:30 or 5. I hate when she does this. She does so much better going to bed at night if she doesn't have a nap. Sometimes I can catch her falling asleep and I will yell and say Mckinley! Wake up! Sit up straight. And I can prevent the nap. Other times I don't notice that she fell asleep (like today because I was making dinner) and then she was seriously dead to the world and there was nothing we could do to wake her up. Tyler was putting his finger in her mouth and pulling her lip down and Kallie was yanking her eye open with her eyelashes and still nothing. So she took a super late nap and was totally cranky and crazy for a while when she woke up.
 And just because it's been a while since I have posted a picture of the twins they are. I just love to see what positions they will be in when I go to check on them. The last couple of nights they have basically been in the same position even though they are in separate cribs in separate rooms. But not tonight. Tonight they were in positions that are totally typical of their personalities. Kallie will NOT sleep with a pillow and throws it out of the crib if we put it in there. Tyler likes is and is often found with his whole body on top of it.