Thursday, August 14, 2014

August so far

Lots of pictures! We have had an incredibly fun summer.

Playing under the bed at my mom's house.

I took the kids out for ice cream one day and let them get whatever they want. I really should have just skipped the ice cream and let them fill up their bowls with toppings.

Tyler is just such a handsome boy! 

Tyler has taken over one of Brandon's hats. He is very specific about which one he wants and he wants it pretty much all the time. It's hilarious.

Love love love sweet sleeping pictures of my kids!

We have had some pretty incredible summer rain storms this month and we love sitting out on the front porch watching and listening to the rain.

Sorting through boxes of boy hand me down clothes we have been given. We have been so blessed! We haven't had to buy hardly anything for Tyler.

Kallie wearing the Mr. Potato Head glasses at my moms. I searched through my pictures to find the one of Mckinley doing the exact same thing but I couldn't find it.

Family sleep over in the family room. We really would have let Tyler and Kallie sleep with us but they couldn't settle down so we ended up putting them in their cribs.

Kallie "hiding" so I won't put her down for a nap. Ha ha. She actually goes down perfectly for naps but struggles at bed time. She is happy if Mckinley is in there with her or if I let her lay in Mckinley's bed. But she screams and screams in her crib.

We went to Chili's for dinner with all five of us. It wouldn't have been bad if they didn't take FOREVER to bring us our food. But the kids sure loved the dessert!

These guys think they own everything in our neighbor's backyard. We love love love our neighbor Robin and hang out with her pretty much every day. She is the best neighbor ever! I need to get a picture of the kids with her. They just adore her.

We got rained out of family pictures earlier this week so we are going to gear up and try again.

Kallie fell asleep in Mckinley's bed one night and it just melted my heart. My kids are growing up!

This girl. Oh Mckinley. She is the best child anyone could ever ask for and my little angel sent straight from heaven to help me survive my life. Don't know what I would do without her. I have no idea what I did to deserve her. Must have been something Brandon did. But she seriously is a dream. And we finally figured out how to get a perfect smile out of her. Instead of saying "say cheese", we say "don't smile". And we get this!

Tyler and Kallie taking a shower under Robin's plant that she just watered. These guys crack us up!

I let the girls go to bed together tonight and they were so excited about it.

I told them I'd be back in ten minutes to put Kallie in her crib but then I got carried away cleaning the kitchen and this is how I found them when I finally went in. Aw.....

Love these kids even though they drive me crazy most of the time and I can barely handle them! At least we get a good 11 hours at night to gear up for the next day!