Monday, August 18, 2014

Cabin Trip

We went up to the cabin Friday night. It was Brandon's first time there with us. I hope there are lots more cabin trips to come!!

I am in love with this picture of them walking. Ahhh.... sisters.

Ella is such a great helper!

The lake was sooooo low. It's so much prettier earlier in the summer.

We went for a walk to catch some frogs. The kids didn't want to touch them. Hello, they will touch snakes but not frogs?? Maybe next year.

Mckinley and Bryce.

Family picture.

Playing tether ball.


byufish said...

Fun pics!! Sure love seeing the transition from toddlers to little kids. And cute little kids to boot!
Looks like you've made some great memories this summer. And if you're ever at the Bean Museum during a work day, give me a call or text...I could probably come over for a bit and hang out. Haven't seen it since the renovations....looks cool!!