Tuesday, September 16, 2014


The day after Labor Day Mckinley started preschool. She was so excited!

 We are so lucky that we just get to walk next door to go to preschool! No packing up all the kids in the car. Love love love that.

She was supposed to practice cutting a straight line and a wavy line. She cut the wavy line OUT of the paper instead of just cutting right on it. And we did a few shapes as well. The girl's got skills.

Ha ha. Totally cracked up when she came home with this in her All About Me book.

Doing her first worksheet of home work. She pretty much did it all by herself.

After her fourth day of preschool, she could write her name completely by herself. Hello!!! Makes me feel a little guilty knowing I probably could have taught her that...but oh well. That's why we have awesome preschool teachers, right?

Today 8 little bears walked out of the house next door. Sooooo cute!!!

We've been doing some take home activities that we borrowed from her teacher and she is just learning all sorts of stuff!