Saturday, September 27, 2014

Tyler and Kallie turn 2

So, I successfully kept the twins alive for two years. Not an easy feat, I will tell you that.

Tyler and Kallie's birthday was September 27th. I was hoping for two super happy kids all day like on their first birthday but we weren't quite so lucky. :) They did have a fun day though.

Mckinley and Brandon went out the night before and bought some presents for them. She had so much fun helping me wrap and hide the presents (tradition). We hung the birthday banners and blew up balloons.

We had our traditional Mickey Mouse pancakes. We actually made an awesome breakfast with eggs, bacon, and orange juice too.

Then they got to open presents. They totally knew what was going on and were really good at unwrapping and really excited with all the presents inside.

My mom gave Kallie this cute mouse costume for Halloween. It is so adorable!

I just love this picture. Cutest kids!

This was from the day after their birthday. Poor things never did get a birthday cake this year but they blew out candles in pancakes and brownies. :)

On their birthday we were supposed to go to the zoo but it rained the whole day so we went to lunch at Pizza Factory and then to the Bean Museum. We went out later that night for ice cream. It was a fun day.

Tyler petting the tiger head.

Can't believe they are two. They are talking so much now, especially Kallie. She says so many new words every day. Tyler probably talks more than the average boy his age because he has Kallie to try to keep up with.

They can still be pretty fussy and cranky every day but they are playing together more and are able to entertain themselves a little more these days, which is really nice for me. They play with Mckinley so well. They still sleep in cribs and take one afternoon nap. Tyler is in his own room and the girls share a room. I don't know how long we will keep it like that. Twins are hard but they really are so much fun!