Friday, April 17, 2015

Spring Break

My brother Todd and his family drove down from Seattle for Spring Break to go to the cabin, and then to be here for Jack's baptism at the end of the week when he turned 8.

We had so much fun with them here. One day we went bowling, then to lunch, and then to the park. We played straight until 5 and then the kids crashed on the way home.

Tyler had so much fun with all his boy cousins. He and Ezra played so well together at the park and just ran around for hours.

Mckinley found some little girls at the park to play with and was holding hands with them and doing her princess strut walking around. So funny and so cute.

I can't believe how well these kids did with no nap. We did pay for it later that evening when I had to wake them up at 7:00 but it was so worth it. So fun to spend so much time with family!

My cute pregnant sister Amy flew in from Arizona that weekend as well. We had a baby shower for her while she was here. Kristen did such a great job and made everything so cute.

Mckinley was so excited to come to Amy's party but then shew as pretty bored being the only little kid there.

There's Amy's cute 34 week belly.

Mckinley has been pulling April Fool's pranks on us all month, after she learned what April Fool's Day was in preschool. She bit off all the skin of her purple grape and said "Mom, I don't know how I got a green grape in here." I believed her. She gets me every time.