Friday, April 17, 2015

Winter Cabin Trip

The day after Easter we headed up to the cabin. All our kids slept on the way up which made for a nice drive.

My mom rented a snowmobile, even though we knew there wasn't going to be as much snow as we hoped. But we needed a way to cart all our stuff and the little kids into the cabin. It worked out really well and we still had a lot of fun with the snowmobile riding around and stuff.

Mckinley loved hanging out with Jack. I love how she has her arm linked around his, watching a movie.

Tyler and Kallie were so cute in all their snow clothes and had so much fun playing around out in the snow. The snow was old and crunchy which actually made the trip a lot better for them because it was easy for them to walk around without sinking in.

We found a pretty fun sledding hill really close to the cabin and had a lot of fun sledding.

I'm pretty sure Tyler was happy here. Maybe the sun was in his eyes?

Going to the cabin in the winter is a lot of work, and we are not exactly "snow" people, so I don't know how often we'll do it again, but we sure are excited to go up in the summer when we can drive all the way in.