Saturday, April 23, 2016

34 Years Old

Catching up on a blog is so dumb. I don't even remember what I did for my birthday now that it's been so long.

A week or so before my birthday we were at Pizza Factory so we had them make me a birthday pizza to celebrate.

My actual birthday was on a Saturday which was awesome. Brandon made me breakfast in bed (like always, I am so lucky!). He actually makes me breakfast in bed at least once a month. And lets me sleep in every single day. He is amazing. But anyway, he even made German pancakes for me. So nice!

I know for lunch Jessica offered to watch our kids and we went to Sakura and it was amazing.

Brandon got me some presents and the kids hid them in all the usual places. I can't remember what we did that evening. I think it might have been the day we went to a BBQ for Brandon's cousin who graduated with his masters from BYU. Anyway, it was a great birthday and a great day!