Monday, April 4, 2016

Winter Cabin Trip

My family took a snowmobiling trip into the cabin for part of spring break. I wasn't going to go because of how sick I've been with this pregnancy but last minute we decided to go for half the time. 

The kids were so excited to go! They just love being at the cabin.

I hate snow trips into the cabin because they are a lot of work. And we didn't even have to prepare any meals this time! I'm such a baby. But I really hope we don't go again for at least a few years.

The snowmobiles were pretty crappy and wouldn't start a lot of the time.

We had a really good sledding day the first day but the second day was kind of a disaster. We got carted across the lake to a big sledding hill which was pretty much too big for my kids and it was so windy and cold so they cried to go back to the cabin and on the way back the sled they were being pulled in flipped over and they all went flying out and were just crying. It was awful.

I wasn't super sick while we were there, I only threw up once, but I didn't sleep very well so I went home being so tired and exhausted and felt like crap. At least the kids and Brandon had a good time!