Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Just some fun pictures from May.

Tyler and Kallie smelling each others breath after they rinsed with mouthwash. Ha ha ha. I love that they do this.

This girl has just been melting our hearts lately. She is so stinking cute.


Tyler and Kallie have become best friends and it is so fun to watch. They are so adorably cute with each other. I love when he helps her climb up the slides at the park.

This picture shows her personality perfectly!

Just having fun together.

Mckinley writes the sweetest notes. She is the best!

Mckinley with her Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Brown.

Graduating from Kindergarten! She was sick for a couple days and almost missed this.

We carpooled this year with one of her best friends, Savannah.

Mckinley and Carson. At the beginning of the school year she drew pictures of them getting married and she gets super embarrassed now if you show them to her. Ha ha! Cute friends!

Kinley dressed herself for Church on Sunday and Kallie wanted to wear a long black skirt like hers. Luckily we found one in her closet! (thanks to Aunt Kristen and all the clothes she sews for my girls!) Then we did their hair the same and found Kallie a cardigan to wear too. Cute cute kids! I just love them so much and am loving how old and independent and easy they are right now. Life is pretty darn good.