Thursday, June 30, 2016

Summer Love

We are enjoying summer so much!

We went and got yummy {free} shave ice right by our house. Mmmm...

Fun day at the splash pad with friends! 

We love some of our fun summer traditions. The Carillon bell concert this year was a blast.

 Fun party day at Grandpa and Marmee's with a bounce house and water balloons and lots of cousins!

Every member of Brandon's family was together for the first time in 2.5 years so we ran to the park to take pictures. I still need to get a picture of the big family group shot but here are some I had on my phone.

Ross and Karen with all 20 of their grand kids.

Concert in the park fun.

Ross treated us all to a night at Chuck E Cheese. The kids were having a blast before they even knew the rides could move. Now that they know that putting coins in makes things happen, we might be ruined. Ha ha.

The kids seriously had the time of their lives.

They were all so excited to get pictures taken with Chuck E Cheese.

Mckinley has been going to swim lessons this week and is doing absolutely amazing. She gained so much confidence from her cousins in Park City and has just totally excelled. I'm so proud of her!

Tara hosted a fun tea party for all the girls in the family. It was so adorable to watch all the little girls and see how excited they were.

We had a pretty awesome spread of food. This wasn't even all of it.

And now we have the 4th of July festivities to look forward to. Such a great time of year!!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Park City

Brandon's dad booked a week at the Westgate Resort in Park City. Most of the family came up and went at different times. We were SO overdue for a vacation. Like I don't think we had taken our kids on a real trip for over two years since we went to Disneyland. So seriously we were way excited to be able to do this again. The kids were so excited and counting down for weeks till we could go. It was one of our favorite trips yet. So relaxing and so fun.

Trying to eat cereal in our tiny room with no table. :) Mostly we ate in the main room somewhere else.

We went swimming every single day we were there. Seven days in a row. Mckinley made leaps and bounds in her swimming progress. The pool was so perfect because she could reach everywhere in it so after a couple days she took her floaties off and got lots of good swimming practice.

Kallie was our most timid swimmer this year and wouldn't jump in the water and go under. She did put her face in the water a few times but mostly she liked to play on the steps and do ballerina moves in the water and just float around.

We enjoyed an awesome family nap one day. All except for Kallie who just entertained herself in the hotel room for two hours while the rest of us slept.

Tyler and Kallie got pretty worn out a lot of the days and just ended up crashing wherever. Like always.

This is how we got our kids situated in the pull out bed. It worked quite nicely and the kids stayed in their bed all night pretty much every night. Now that we are back home they come into our bed again. Grrrr.

Tyler ate a bowl of cereal for dinner, or maybe lunch one day, and then laid down and was asleep immediately.

Cute twins!

Brandon and I played half a game of chess while the kids were doing a painting contest.

Our kids really were so well behaved and didn't fight much with each other at all. It was so fun to spend so much time together and to spend so much time with cousins.

 Lots of swimming pictures. And I'm not even going to apologize.

We went and found a couple geocaches that were within walking distance. One of them was in such a beautiful location that I walked there again with the kids while Brandon went to work one day and we took some pictures. So pretty and so fun.

Kallie fell asleep on Mckinley's shoulder. So sweet!

The last day we were there Ross took us to a park he found during his bike ride. It was such an amazing park. And so nice to enjoy cooler temperatures than we would have had back home.

Here's the guy who made the whole trip happen. He is such an amazing grandpa and we are so grateful for him! We had such a good time.