Saturday, December 3, 2016

Ward Christmas Party

Our ward Christmas party was a Hawaiian Luau and so much fun! Moana was there to take pictures with.

This is our next door neighbor Sally Wible. Our kids just adore John and Sally!

Mady, Mckinley, and Mia were copying the hula dancers up on stage. It was so fun to watch!

Our kids were at the very end of the Santa line as usual. Grrr... I was nursing Ava in the mother's lounge when they finally got to see Santa.

Mckinley helping me cook.

Mckinley gave the snowman a turn with her glasses. Ha ha ha.


Tyler and Kallie finally went to the dentist for the first time. We had a horrible experience and will never go back to see Dr. Howell again. Tyler has five cavities, as does Mckinley. Kallie has none. Looks like two of them got my teeth and Kallie got Brandon's. Sigh.

Beautiful baby Ava!!!