Friday, December 2, 2016

Thanksgiving Hotel Stay

Thanksgiving was wonderful. The day after, Brandon's dad got hotel rooms for all of us and we went and had an overnighter in Lehi. It was super fun.

Ava's first time swimming. I love how mellow the hot tub makes babies!

Funny to see Mckinley in this. She swam in one just like this as a baby.

We played games in the lobby and I looked over and Tyler was "reading" this huge 700 page book.

Comparison pictures trying to figure out who Ava looks like. They are definitely all sisters!! Same outfit. Love that.

This is the next smile I got on camera. This is at 6 weeks old. She is 7 weeks old now and starting to smile a little more, but they are still hard to come by.

Kristen had a whole bunch of newborn Christmas outfits. They don't really fit Ava so I had to hurry and squeeze her in one and take a picture! We are so excited for Christmas.

Mckinley and Brynlee wrote their names out in the snow on the golf course. Our back yard sure grows a lot when it snows and the kids are able to go run around out on the golf course in the snow.