Tuesday, May 16, 2017


So, about 23 years ago I met this girl named Gabby. She was my only LDS friend in Australia. We lived there from when I was 11 till I was 14. Anyway, we became best friends and our friendship has lasted the entire 21 years since I moved back from Australia. She has come to visit me three times now, once when I was in high school, once after my mission, and now! I hadn't heard from her for about 2 years and all of a sudden she emailed and said she was coming to visit. What a fun surprise!

She came over the day of Mckinley's birthday party with her husband Eric, and we had so much fun sitting and chatting with them for a couple of hours. 

This is the last time I saw her, 11 and a half years ago, and now.

After Eric had to fly home to Australia to get back to work, Gabby was able to come to my house and stay for two nights, and we had an entire day to spend together. It was so fun! We got all caught up, and even got to watch a couple of our favorite movies together.

 The kids were soooo excited to have Gabby stay with us. Especially Tyler. The first night she came, she didn't get here till the kids were already asleep. So the next morning when they woke up bright and early, as always, I told them she was here, and Tyler asked, "When is she going to wake up?" Ha ha. They kept asking me if she was still with us if they didn't see her for a second. It was adorable.

 I seriously couldn't have asked for more. Well, maybe one more night would have been great, but I took her to Park City Saturday morning to meet up with her friend for the last leg of her trip before she goes home to Australia. Thank you so much for coming Gabby!!!! It was amazing to see you.