Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Summer Kick-Off

Memorial Day always feels like the kick-off to summer. We got to go swimming at a family friend's house. The kids could have swam all day. They had a blast.

And then it was officially the first day of school being out. The kids got to watch Beauty and the Beast and then I took them to the Bean Museum.

They each got to pick out something from the gift shop.

Wednesday we spent most of the day at my mom's which of course the kids loved.

I could tell there was something stuck in Ava's baby toy so I took it apart and we found two of Tyler's treasured toys that he must have jammed in there years ago.

One of them was his tiny car. This thing came in an Easter Egg when Tyler was less than 2 years old and it has been lost and resurfaced again so many times. Whenever it is found, he sleeps with it and plays with it constantly. So funny that we found it again! I thought for sure it was lost in our old house. Ha ha ha.

Thursday I took the kids to visit Brandon at work and then we went to the mall and checked out the fountains and new play place for the first time.

Ava has been doing this super cheesy grin and I'm glad I finally caught it on camera.

Friday was a baaaaad day. The kids woke up Ava from her nap and it just set me off and I was so mean and horrible that day. Luckily Brandon and I had a temple date scheduled that night because boy did I need it. This is the longest we have gone without going to the temple, 15 months! That's what being sick while pregnant and then having a fussy baby will do you to you. And our selfie is so bad I just had to include it. Ha ha!

Brandon and his dad and brothers are training for the Salt to Saint bike relay race again, so they go riding lots. I'm so happy to support him in his new hobby. This is Ava with Brandon's dad before a ride.

Ava got a fever for a few days and I sure soaked up all the snuggle time I got with her. It was heavenly. We're glad to have her back to her normal self now though.

She is getting so chunky!

For family night this week we talked about education and then looked through Tyler and Kallie's joy school binders. For a treat we went and got free donuts for Mckinley getting straight A's.

Kallie started a fairy tale dance class today that is so cute and so much fun! We are having a fabulous summer so far.