Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Cabin Trip

The kids were so excited for this cabin trip. They all made paper chains and were counting down for a couple of weeks. We had a great trip for Ava's first time at the cabin.

Out on the paddle boat as a family. We're not all going to fit on that thing for much longer.

We drove over by my Grandpa's old cabin to go on a hike, and later regretted it. The hike was okay but we easily could have stayed put and walked by the lake where we were instead of driving so far. Lesson learned.

All of the artists at work.

Ava was pretty dang good while we were there. She woke up a lot the first night but Brandon really enjoyed snuggling with her in our bed. She napped pretty well and was mostly happy while we were there.

The kids had fun making their own pizzas for dinner. And then after they were cooked, Tyler had a 4 hour meltdown about having to eat one. Brandon was so patient with him and got him to eat a piece in the end, but my gosh, that kid has some ISSUES!!

My mom made this awesome hammock that we had a blast in. Until the last day when Kallie fell out of hit and bit threw her lip. Ouch!