Saturday, July 8, 2017

Cute Baby

Summer can be exhausting! We've had lots of naps from the twins this summer.

Everyone is still obsessed with Ava.

She pulled the blanket over her face while she was drinking her bottle.

Cousins at the bell concert.

Picnic at Springwater park. We've spent a lot of time there this summer. Best kept secret around! I love that park.

Ava is still our little thumb sucker. All the other kids loved their binkis but she doesn't want anything to do with one. The great part is she only sucks her thumb in bed. I'm sure it won't always stay that way, but for now we have the best of both worlds and are totally enjoying it.

Man, she is cute!

I love how she always puts her foot up on the cart.

The University Mall playground has become a favorite place to visit. Especially since it's so close to Brandon's work so we usually get to go see him after we play.

Brandon and I got to take Mckinley to the Freedom Festival Gala dinner again, after going 5 years ago with her. The food honestly wasn't that great but the experience was awesome.

Too cute!!!