Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Halloween was great this year. We decided to go to Walmart and let the kids pick out whatever costumes they wanted, since usually we are just finding whatever we can to borrow. Costumes are pricy! We will probably go the borrowing route again next year, ha ha. But we bought these like a month in advance and the kids dressed up in them probably over 10 times so I feel like it was a little more worth it. Plus, Tyler's can be used as a dress up since we don't have many boyish things for dress ups and the girls are always dressing up as princesses with their cousins and he is always left out.

Anyway, Mckinley was a Greek goddess, Kallie a bat, Tyler was the Flash, Ava was a cat, and I put on my good old fairy wings.

It was pretty cold on Halloween night so I didn't stay out with Ava too long.

She and I came back home to pass out candy and she got to wear these cute Halloween pajamas.

Festive lunches one day.

Kristen painted the kids faces for fun one day when we were over there.

Love love love the school Halloween parade. We stayed all the way to the end for the first time. Ava was randomly good and quiet on my lap and the twins kept wanting to see more costumes.

Mckinley is always making her teacher cute gifts. She made this ghost jar all on her own.

Have a BOOtiful day. Mckinley was really into the Halloween puns and jokes this year.

Unfortunately while Brandon was out trick or treating with the kids Kallie ate it and scraped up her face on the sidewalk. 

It scabbed up and now a month and a half later there is still a definite mark there. We are putting Frankincense oil on it and hoping it fades all the way away soon.

Friday, October 27, 2017


We have had some amazing weather this Fall and have been getting out and enjoying it! Fall Break extended into Monday and I took the kids to the park to play. We walked around the loop and found this huge pile of leaves to take Ava's picture in. So cute!

Mckinley and Kallie got hair cuts. Such a fun change!





Ava looking so big at her well check!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Halloween Festivities

We've had a good time doing festive Halloween activities. We made these spider cookies three times in one week for different events.

Pumpkin carving night at Ross and Karen's. The kids had a lot of fun.

Crazy hair day at school. Mckinley came up with the idea to wear chopsticks in her hair and when I failed to borrow some cute ones from my mom, Mckinley just painted the ones we had. She is so creative and so talented!

I took the kids to Jaker's three times all on my own. We had a great time but it sure gets busier the closer you get to Halloween.

For part of Fall Break we went and stayed up at the cabin with my family for 2 nights. We had a great time. The kids got to do lots of fun Halloween stuff.

Feeling ingredients from the witch's brew. Brandon's face says it all!

Pumpkin face pancakes for breakfast.

Halloween BINGO.

Ava as a cat.

It was FREEZING outside so we spent most of the time inside but we did go throw some rocks in the lake. And Brandon took Tyler on a quick 4-wheel ride.

These three were so intent on carving this pumpkin.

Sugar cookies!

Ava climbing around in my suitcase.

Oh yeah the twins did do a little swinging too although I don't know how they could stand it with wind in their face because I couldn't even stand out there and watch them, I was too cold.

Okay now all these pictures are making it look like we spent a lot of time outside, ha ha. It did warm up a little so we got a family picture and did donuts on a string outside.

Ava's in a big car seat now and can watch movies in the car with the kids, woot! Fun fun cabin trip.