Friday, December 29, 2017

Bingo Night

I love all the traditions we have surrounding Christmas. We had our annual Boxing Day morning at the church. The kids had a blast, Ava just walked all around everywhere and had so much fun. It was so pleasant.

That night we had a cousin/sibling gift exchange, dinner, and Bingo night. We gave Ross some candy machines and this first picture is the kids all lined up with their quarters (after cleaning the toy room) to get some candy. So fun!

They did a kids round of Bingo first. Tyler got 5 bingos! Ross and Karen had quite the set up for kids prizes. After the kids we put on a movie for them and the adults played Bingo and won gift cards. Such a fun tradition!

We also had an all adults night at Carrabbas that was delicious and so much fun.

Ava emptied my entire spice rack into her shopping cart. :)

I took the kids to the Bean Museum one afternoon this week. They always love going there so much.

They have a special display right now of a Titanaboa snake. So disgustingly huge. Tyler and Mckinley got to pet a real snake. Kallie didn't want to.

Cute smile from Ava!

Today we had our chaotic lunch at Pizza Factory. Always such a crazy time, but so much fun. Mckinley's friend Kenzey is spending the day with us today so she got to come. She is so much fun to have around.

Chicken pesto pizza. The best!!!! The food was amazing today.

Kenzey and Ava.

Now on to New Years celebrations over the weekend!!!