Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Ross got some free bowling coupons for all of us and we went and had a fun family night at BYU, with Wendy's after for dinner. We are so grateful for all the opportunities Ross provides for us to go and have fun together as a family.

The kids had more fun playing on the arcade games and sometimes grumbled when it was their turn to come and bowl, ha ha.

Yet somehow through all of that, all three of my kids scored higher than I did. I had a terrible game.

 Such a fun experience though. Fun memories!

Ava of course was a maniac wandering everywhere, not wanting to be contained. I love that I caught a picture of her up on her tippy toes. She walks on her tippy toes every now and then and it's so cute. She also is obsessed with this purple necklace and will wear it the whole day sometimes. She is always the one to put it on herself.