Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Las Vegas

We almost didn't get to go to Las Vegas because Ava and Mckinley spent Tuesday night/Wednesday throwing up. But we delayed our trip one day, said a prayer, and decided to chance it. Everyone was healthy the entire trip and it was a true miracle because Kallie spent Sunday night throwing up after we got back.

Anyway, we decided we wanted to get away for Spring Break so we went and stayed with Jordan and Annie in Las Vegas. The kids were amazing on the drive to and from! Such a pleasant surprise!

Jordan is a doctor in the Air Force. We had to go get a pass to get us on the base.

Straight away we went to this museum on the base where they have old retired aircraft, army tanks, helicopters, missiles, etc. that you can explore. It was so cool!!

It was actually pretty hot! Mckinley started getting a little cranky towards the end, ha ha, like mother like daughter. I don't do well in the heat!

After that we went and got dinner at Memphis BBQ. It was sooo good. Best brisket and turkey ever. We made quesadillas for the kids, and then enjoyed perfect weather playing out on the park.

Ava does not like the baby swing! She also wouldn't let me help her going down this huge slide and ended up totally face planting it in the wood chips at the bottom. Poor baby.