Thursday, May 17, 2018

Mckinley turns 8!!

The day after my birthday my mom was nice enough to come watch the younger three kids for five hours so I could go to the aquarium with Mckinley's class on their field trip. She was soooo excited I was one of the parents coming and we had an absolute blast. 

This was our little group of kids. The last field trip I went on was in Kindergarten and it was so much nicer having these second grade kids who actually just stayed by me and didn't cause any trouble. We had so much fun exploring the aquarium. We got to see the penguins being fed, some frogs being fed, and we just loved watching the sharks and turtles swim around.

Here is her entire class.

Then the next day Kristen, Mckinley and I went and watched Holly and Ella perform in Mary Poppins. We loved sitting up on the balcony and had a great view.

Had to get my free birthday jamba. It didn't last long with five of us sharing it, ha ha.

Tyler learned how to ride his bike without training wheels! Kallie knows as well but is having a hard time figuring out how to start riding so she still mostly rides her scooter around right now.

Mckinley had a fun birthday party for her 8th birthday. Good thing we invited some friends from school because only 1 out of the 5 ward girls we invited could come. Sheesh! She wanted a cake shaped like an 8, thank heavens it was something easy to do!

They watched Coco in the movie theater with lots of treats and popcorn.

Opened presents, had cake and ice cream, and played the flour game.

Alice stayed after and helped Mckinley put together the lego set she got her.

Just a cute random picture of Ava vacuuming. Central vac is the greatest thing ever. I need to get my kids vacuuming more often.

My friend Becca and I showed up to church in pretty much the exact same outfit. So funny!

We've been spending a little time out on the golf course when there is a break in between golfers. The kids love going out there. We are so lucky to live where we do.

Mckinley's actual birthday was a couple days after her party. She got her traditional Mickey Mouse pancake and then I had to do an 8 as well. She is so fun and full of life and absolutely loves any chance to celebrate a holiday or birthday.

The new sweatshirt she got for her birthday. She had been asking for one for awhile!

We checked her out of school and went to lunch at Wendy's and then of course had to go to Pizza Factory for dinner.

Turning 8 meant Mckinley is now in activity days. They had a mother/daughter activity two days after her birthday so that was really fun to get to go to. We got to decorate cupcakes.

I had to document this cute poem Mckinley wrote for her teacher.
"Dear Ms. Davis,
I have a poem just for you
I hope you like it yes I do
I can't believe how fast the year did go
But there's just one thing you need to know
That you're the best teacher ever!"

Mckinley is so creative and so sweet and is starting to freak out a little about how much she's going to miss her teacher this summer. She is such an excellent student and is excelling in all areas at school.

The 2nd graders had a cute patriotic program. Mckinley had a memorized part and did an awesome job giving it.

We went to Lehi for a little staycation overnighter at a hotel. The kids think it is the best thing ever. Lots of swimming and a late night with miss Ava who wouldn't go to sleep till 11:30!

Ava was so terrible in the pool at first. She doesn't want to be in a floatie and she doesn't want to be held. She doesn't get that she will drown if we don't do one of those things. So she spent a lot of time just screaming in the pool. The second day was better, but man, that girl!

Wendy's in the hotel lobby for dinner.

That cute little body!!


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