Tuesday, July 31, 2018

July Misc.

We have had some smoky skies from wildfires that have resulted in a very red sun at the end of the day. Pretty cool.

Kallie is becoming just as amazing as an artist as her big sister. Love her!

Ava eating cheerios like a dog off of the cheerios book. :)

Cutest little mouth!

After a very traumatizing attempt at nursery, Ava fell asleep in my arms at church. Heaven.

Mckinley's first "stand" was selling yarn bracelets we made. Her buyers were Tyler, Kallie, and Sophie with money they found in our junk drawer in the kitchen. Ha ha ha.

Ava is amazing at these little wooden puzzles! It's just in our blood because we didn't teach her at all.

Tyler makes some pretty awesome creations with blocks. Most of the time they transform and do something special. It's so cool!