Monday, December 31, 2018

Boxing Day

Every year on Boxing Day we go to the church by Brandon's parents house and play around in the gym and then have scones for breakfast. It has become one of my favorite traditions! The kids have such a blast. Mckinley improved so much on her roller blades.

We had such a blast actually that a few days later we went to the gym at our church again and just rode around on scooters and roller blades.

Mckinley had the best primary teachers this year, Colby and Clarissa Christiansen. They are moving out of our ward and we are going to miss them so much.

Cute Ava asleep in her car seat. I love that she finds scrunchies and puts them on her ankles.

New Years Eve was a fun day. We went to the Provo Rec Center with all the cousins. Someone pooped in the pool right when we got there so we had to wait for like 40 minutes to swim which was really miserable because we had just gotten in so we were wet and cold. It was so crowded, it was actually kind of gross. I prefer the Orem Rec Center by far. But still, it was a fun memory.

That evening we went to Ross and Karen's and had delicious Chinese take out like we do every year and then made our usual mess with confetti and poppers. We had a dance party in the dark with glow sticks. All the kids had a blast. Such fun traditions!!

We really enjoyed all of Christmas break. We took the kids to menchies and used the gift card we got from Bingo night.

I took the kids to the Bean Museum and the University Mall playground after we tried Coconut Cove which was an absolute nightmare.