Friday, December 21, 2018

December Fun

We had a really great snowfall in the beginning of September and were able to enjoy lots of days sledding down our hill and playing in the snow. We have the most perfect sledding hill and having our backyard extend out to the golf course in the winter isn't bad either!

Ava had so much fun in the snow!!!

We found out we are having a boy! Tyler is finally getting a brother!!!!

I think this was a 14 week belly shot.

We filled a balloon with blue confetti and let the kids pop it to find out what we are having.

I have still been so sick every night and not feeling super great in the day either so we have had a very low key life lately. We did make it to Riverwoods though to see Santa.

They had free carousel rides for the kids too.

Absolutely love this tradition! We are all getting so excited for Christmas coming up in a few days!!!