Monday, April 29, 2019


We decided to make these no bake easter nest cookies again this year. 

Come to find out they don't look very good with the peeps on them. The cookies didn't turn out and never really hardened so I was too embarrassed to bring them to anyone which means we got to eat all of them, ha ha. Yummy!

This is Ava concentrating on closing her eyes on purpose. Ha ha. So cute.

Girls got their dance costumes. Their concert is coming up in a few weeks! We are excited for it.

We love the days when it is nice enough to go outside. This spring hasn't had a lot of them, so we take advantage when we can.

Mckinley and Kallie telling Ava what to say during a prayer. So cute!

The kids with their school Easter stuff.

Easter was great as always. We had amazing weather the day before and did our two traditional egg hunts, the one with Brandon's parents' ward, and then the one at Brandon's parents' house.

That basket was so heavy but she didn't want any help!

She missed a lot of naps the week of Easter and ended up crashing like this.

The Easter bunny brought a very minimal amount of stuff to the kids this year. They already get so much elsewhere!

Breakfast in bed for my 37th birthday. Ugh, getting old is not fun. Especially when you're pregnant. We took all the kids with us to Texas Roadhouse for dinner on my birthday. It was a fun adventure!

Little miss cutey pants.