Sunday, August 11, 2019

So much swimming

Okay so the first week of August was the week of swimming! We ended up swimming three times that week. My brother Todd stopped by for a day on his way from Iowa to Seattle so we went swimming at the Lindon pool on Friday that week to hang out with him. Then had pizza at my parents' house afterward. It was a really fun day. I was very proud of myself for going swimming twice with all the kids without Brandon. Of course we were with cousins and grandparents who helped me with Jackson. I still haven't tried taking him swimming.

This is the cutest smile ever!

Kallie finally lost her other top tooth! It was a snaggle tooth for sure. Brandon is such a pro at getting all our kids teeth out. I actually ended up pulling this one out because he couldn't get a grip on it, but he was the one who did all the wiggling work to get it ready.

Playing out on our neighbor's playground in the nice evening weather. I love summertime!

Kallie planned a spa day for her and Sophie.

Lunch out on the deck!

Swimming at the Lindon pool.

Mckinley climbed the rock wall over and over the whole time we were there.

Tyler climbing the rock wall.

Ava always floats on her back with her floaties. She is so cute and loves swimming!

Proof that Jackson was there.

Look at me being a big girl and taking my 5 kids swimming!

Playing in Grandma's basement with Todd's kids.

Todd was loving on Jackson.

The next day, Saturday, we took the kids to the Provo Rec and went swimming again while Karen and Ross babysat Jackson.  It was nice to have Brandon come swimming with us!

We have spent a lot of time at Cold Stone this summer using up the gift card we won at a pool party.

My nephew Josh gave an incredible farewell talk and is in the MTC headed to the Stockholm Sweden mission.