Thursday, August 1, 2019

The rest of July

I thought this was too cute. Kallie combing Tyler's hair for him. I hope these guys love being twins as they grow up.

So the last Saturday of July we decided we would take the kids swimming at the Orem Rec. Showed up and realized the entire place is shut down for renovation. So we drove over to Scera instead. We weren't totally prepared for swimming in the sun. Mckinley wasn't wearing a rash guard, and I had no sun protection for Jackson. So Mckinley ended up getting a little sunburned and I just sat in the shade with Jackson the whole time. We didn't even pay for me to swim.

It was such an amazing swimming day though. The kids had a blast!

This is when Kallie came to tell me she went down the water slide by herself for the first time! And then after that she jumped off the diving board a bunch of times. Total break through day for her as she is usually too scared to do that stuff. We were so proud of her.




Brandon and Ava

And of course my picture showing that Jackson was there, ha ha.

This is a video of Kallie jumping off the diving board. Since we got there right when the pool opened it wasn't busy at first. We stayed for over two hours and seriously just had so much fun.

Had to include this picture of my smoothie loving girl!

I took the kids to Coconut Cove one day to use up our last 2 passes there. I don't think I will buy another punch pass there. Mckinley is probably getting too old for this place even though she still enjoys it. But now that my three oldest will be in school all day every day, I don't know when we will find time to go. It's always crazy busy on Saturdays during the school year.

I sent my phone up into the playground with the kids and it was so fun to see all the pictures they took!

And of course...Jackson was there!

I went to the splash pad with my friend Brittney and we had the most perfect splash pad day ever. It was overcast so we didn't even need to sit in shade and it wasn't crowded at all and the kids played so well while we just sat and chatted. Seriously couldn't have been more perfect.

Look how many things Jackson has done and he's not even three months old yet!

Ava has been obsessed with lining up all the shoes in the garage. This particular day she decided to line them up right on the stairs so I couldn't even get into the garage. So funny.

We got out the Halloween costumes to pass them along to cousins and so Ava ended up trying them on. This one is 2T but still totally fits her so I think I'll have her wear it this year. Because we did this, now Ava's prayers have included Halloween and trick-or-treating. Bahaha!

Ava wanted a winter coat on while she rode her scooter. Made me hot just looking at her!

We got our windows cleaned for the first time ever!

Ava is always putting Jackson's diapers on her dolls and stuffed animals. She actually does an amazing job of strapping the diapers on them!