Monday, September 9, 2019

St. George

A while ago we decided we wanted to go stay at our property in St. George before school started. Well, all the weekends were booked so we waited to go till September. I'm so glad it worked out that way because Jackson was much better than he would have been in August and we had a really great time.

The kids don't ever want to do anything else but swim, swim, swim. So that's pretty much all we do. It's simple and works perfectly for our family at this stage.

Jackson really liked the water and it was so fun finally being able to swim with him after the many times we went swimming this summer and he didn't get in.

He fell asleep in my arms in the pool. :)

Ava is so good to just paddle around by herself and jumps off the side of the pool all by herself too. She's so fun to watch!

The kids all love the slide.

The lazy river that doesn't actually move very much, ha ha.

It was about 98 degrees so we spent the afternoons mostly inside watching shows.

We all went and visited my friend Kristen to see her cute new baby, Jovi.

Brandon took the kids to Hash House a Go Go when they went to St. George in June without me and they all wanted to go back. It ended up being a pretty horrible experience, so probably our last, ha ha.

My food was gross, I spilled Tyler's entire root beer on the floor, and a few of us were just in a really bad mood. :)

The BBQ area by the pool is absolutely incredible and we enjoyed grilled hot dogs for lunch on Saturday.

Night swimming is the best! Kind of wish the trip could have been longer. Cleaning the place absolutely sucks, we need to get a better routine figured out. But the kids had a great time and were sad to go home.

Filling up with gas in Beaver on the way home. We realized Fillmore is the best place to stop so probably will avoid Beaver from here on out.