Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Broken Wrist Update

So, I survived for 2 weeks after surgery. It felt so long! I finally had my appointment with the doctor and got my cast off. It was pretty unnerving seeing my carpel tunnel incision. The other one was still covered by steri strips.

A doctor cut out my stitches (ouch) in my hand and told me the ones on my arm would dissolve.

Then we sat for freaking 2 hours to get this custom brace made that ended up being the most uncomfortable thing on the planet! And the velcro from it snagged my shirt. It was just a nightmare. I wore it that day and night.

The next day I found this cheap Walmart wrist brace that I had bought years ago from when I had tendinitis in my elbow, and I started wearing it.

I can take the brace off to shower and I also take it off 4 times a day to do stretches. I can't believe the lack of mobility in my wrist. I can hardly bend it at all.

So once again, life moves on and I am able to do more and more with my hand each day, although the mobility doesn't seem to be coming back yet. The doctor said to give it three months. Ugh.