Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The BEST Surprise Ever!

Okay, so this may not seem that cool to some of you, but it was the BEST surprise for me! I could explain why it was so cool for me, but in order to avoid a post like the ones I hate to read, I'll spare you the details. Last night when I got home from work Brandon had surprised me by going to the store, buying a Christmas tree for us, and having it all set up. It was awesome! I'm so much more excited for Christmas now. I know this isn't a great picture...and we still need to go buy some decorations...but it's still our first Christmas tree and I love it. :)

And let's see. What else do I need to write about on here? I never posted about Thanksgiving because we don't have any great pictures or anything. We had Canadian Thanksgiving with Brandon's family in October and then for the real Thanksiving (just kidding...sort of) Brandon's parents were in California so we got to spend the day with my family. We had Thanksgiving at Bryant's house and then we all went to the movies. We saw Dan in Real Life (except for the first 15 minutes that we missed) and then when it was over we went into the Bee Movie where everyone else was and watched the end of that. We'd already been to see it earlier in the week. We slept over at Bryant's house and pretty much just spent the weekend laying around and being lazy. I was actually ready to go back to work when Monday came. Here's a picture of us after we had just stuffed our faces full of food.

Last week we went up to Midway and stayed in a resort. It was a quick trip on a Thursday night. We went with Bryant and Summer and their boys and Kristen. It was really fun. They had a cool pool that we swam in and we just played games and relaxed and slept in the next morning of course. This is us standing outside of the place.

And a picture of Brandon standing by a random natural hot pot that was out there by the parking lot.

Okay, and one last thing, when I woke up on Saturday morning and saw all the SNOW outside, I was so excited! I don't love snow, but there's something about that first big snowfall that just makes everything feel like Christmas. My favorite is when the snow stacks up on the branches of all the trees. I think it's so pretty!!


Laurel said...

I grew up right down the road from that hotpot. I went swimming there too. I am excited for your Christmas makes a house feel like Christmas.

Jason and Shannon Salmon said...

What a cute husband you have. What a fun suprise!

Jason and Shannon Salmon said...

What a cute husband you have. What a fun suprise!

Hannah S said...

what a nice husband! I agree about the snow! I love looking out at the winter wonderland (just not being out driving or walking in it). It was so nice to visit w/you a little on friday night!

The Alands said...

Speaking of Chrstmas, I need to send you a Chrstmas card so e-mail your address ASAP.