Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas Traditions

The one Christmas tradition that me and Brandon have done for three Christmases in a row now (seems weird we've known each other that long) is going to see the candy windows on Provo Center Street. We made it out last week on Friday night to go see the candy windows. They actually weren't as good as last year, but they're always cool. Here are a few pictures of the best ones.

And a picture of us of course. :)

Another tradition we have (except I'm not sure if we did it last year) is to go see the lights at Temple Square. We went with all of my family when we had a family dinner up in Salt Lake and it was a ton of fun. It was the perfect night because it wasn't too cold.

Steph and Holly...yes, I know I look like a marshmallow. :)

Ian REALLY wanted Brandon to hold his hand.

And a tradition we hope to have in future years is riding the Polar Express train in Lindon. I don't know if we'll get tickets every year but this year we got hooked up by Brandon's mom with some tickets and it was so awesome! These rich people in Lindon just set up this whole Polar Express experience and it's totally free! They won't even accept donations if you wanted to give something. We sat in the garage and watched part of the Polar Express on a huge screen while we were waiting for our turn. Then the first part of the ride was going to Santa's workshop where we sang some songs and took some pictures. Then the rest of the ride focused on Jesus Christ and they had some awesome pictures with lights shining on them and some religious Christmas music playing. It was sweet! We loved it.
This has been the best Christmas ever! Mostly thanks to my awesome husband. I love you Bran!


The Alands said...

Look at all the fun things you do. I am jealous. We are boring.

Megan Erickson said...

Merry Christmas Stephanie and Brandon! We hope you had a great one!

Emily said...

Steph is that train thing the same place that does the huge Halloween train ride? Sounds like fun! We were going to go see the candy it worth it?

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