Friday, December 14, 2007

The Perfect December Saturday

Last Saturday we did quite a few things in celebration of December. We started out the day with our ward Christmas party. Me and Brandon are on the activities committee so we had to help out a lot but we still enjoyed it. We had a Christmas breakfast and of course did packages and letters to the missionaries. Here's Brandon writing a note to the missionaries.

After the ward Christmas party, we all went and saw Enchanted, which is such a GREAT movie! We loved it. We even missed the first part but that just gives us an excuse to go and see it a second time! :)

Saturday night we were supposed to go to Emily's for a Ricks Roommate Reunion dinner but with all that crazy snow, we just stayed home and made gingerbread houses with Jason and Shannon. We also made homemade Sonic drinks with a snow cone maker and everything. They were really good! (Props to Jason and Brandon who thought of the idea all on their own and actually bought everything we needed for it, including fresh limes and lemons and frozen strawberries! We were very impressed.)

And just to give you all a laugh (and show you how much me and Brandon are still kids at heart), here's a picture of what our gingerbread house looks like right now, less than one week later.


Laurel said...

I love how you just pulled the candy off of the house. You are a lot like me. You guys are so cute together...we need to hang out one of these days.

Barb said...

I love coming to your blog to listen to your playlist! (Plus seeing what's going on with you. hahaha) You guys always seem to be doing something that is fun! That's great! I love the movie "Enchanted" is way cute.

Hannah S said...

Lol. The poor mansion turned into a shack. I assume it was the edible frosting? You guys have so much fun together! Yay for cute couples!