Wednesday, August 18, 2010

3 Months

I have a 3 month old. Someone pinch me.

I've been having a hard time getting a picture of Mckinley smiling over the last few weeks. Not because she doesn't smile. Not because she's not happy. Because she found her hands and LOVES to have them in her mouth. See what I mean?

This one I just threw in because it's cute. She was watching Baby Einsteins.

Mckinley's cousins sure love her a lot. They always run up to her when we walk in the room and want to see her and play with her. It's adorable.

Now that Mckinley is 3 months old we figured it's time to move her to her own room and upgrade her bed from the pack n play to a real crib. She LOVES it. The first night she set her new record and went 10 hours 45 minutes in between feedings.

Oh yeah, I finally put her name up on the wall too.

Proof that she loves her crib. She looks so peaceful. (Recognize that blanket McKenzie? She loves it!!)

At 3 months Mckinley:
  • Still sleeps like a champ. She is getting really good at putting herself to sleep.
  • Coos and talks all the time.
  • Has the cutest laugh in the world. We spend a considerable amount of time trying different things to get her to laugh.
  • LOVES her binki.
  • Holds her hands together like she's praying when we're holding her in our arms rocking her to sleep.
  • Always has her hands (or blanket or burp cloth) in her mouth.
  • Is starting to pick things up and put them in her mouth.
  • Loves her bouncy chair.
  • Is starting to recognize her own name.
  • Rolls over from back to front (ever since she was 2 months old) but still can't figure out how to get to her back from her stomach.
  • Loves her car seat to death. She would probably stay in it 24/7 if I let her.
  • Still only poops every few days. It's awesome.
  • Has never been sick (knock on wood).
  • Has transitioned from kicking off her blankets to picking them up and bringing them close to her face. So cute!
  • Has her mom and dad wrapped around her little finger.


Kris said...

Cute pictures - it's so fun to see her start to look a little older. Fun update! We need to hang out. Let me rephrase... it would be really fun to see you and McKinley, but you'll have to come over here. I'm sticking really close to home since we're still doing the potty training thing. :-) It seems like I will never be able to go anywhere again. I'm sure this stage will pass.... someday!

Sara said...

So cute. Char loves her fingers too.

Susan Bishop said...

Good record keeping Steph. Keep it up. She will love reading it some day and seeing how adorable she was.