Monday, August 9, 2010

Annie and Jordan

Last week we went on a FIVE day road trip to Arizona to see Annie and Jordan get married. Jordan is Brandon's little brother for those of you who don't know.

We stayed the first night in Flagstaff to break up the trip and then drove some more the next day. It wasn't the funnest thing packing up all our stuff every night.

We were all excited to stay 2 nights in the next hotel in Benson, AZ. Until we got there and found out the city was infested with bugs. Which meant all the hotels were infested with bugs too. This is our welcome mat with lots of little bugs around it and a beetle and a cockroach. (At least we didn't have big beetles in our room like some of the others we were with.) The town was so small that there wasn't a lot of options for hotels...

Our little family of 3 at the wedding dinner the night before.

Jordan and Annie coming out of the temple. They got married in the Gila Valley Temple, it's a new one. It was pretty but oh so hot outside.

We could barely stay out there long enough for the family picture, then we made a mad dash for the car and some much needed AC. Mckinley is not a fan of the heat.

Mckinley and Daddy outside the temple. If there is one temple in the world that needs a fountain out front, it's this one. But they didn't have one. Don't know who was in charge of the planning on that one...

Cutting the cake...

Isn't this picture precious? I love sleeping pictures!!!

After 2 nights in the middle of nowhere, we headed back to Flagstaff for one more night to break up the trip home. Luckily their small pool was super warm so Mckinley could get in.
We spent 30+ hours in the car and Mckinley earned the award for the world's best traveller. She did awesome. She seriously slept almost the whole time. It worked out pretty well to just feed her a bottle in her car seat. Then she would go right back to sleep.
Usually after the last vacation of the summer I am sad that there's nothing else to look forward to. But after going on 3 trips in the last 4 weeks, I am happy to be HOME. And I don't want to go anywhere for quite a while. :)


Stacey said...

I bet they don't have a fountain because it would just all evaporate and they would have to keep refilling it. So I have to work this Friday and Saturday. How is Saturday the 21st?

Laura said...

She just keeps getting more beautiful everytime I see pics of her. She also seems so happy. Enjoy the traveling now, they become aweful with traveling later!