Monday, November 29, 2010

Mckinley's First Thanksgiving

Mckinley enjoyed a feast of cold mashed up peas from a jar. What more could a 6 month old want?

Luckily I felt good enough to go to Thanksgiving dinner but I didn't eat much. We had dinner Wednesdsay evening at Brandon's parents house so everyone could go with their inlaws on Thursday.

Then Friday we all headed up to Salt Lake to stay in a hotel for the night and do a little swimming. Look at this adorable swimming suit my sister made.
I thought Mckinley would love swimming a lot more than she did during the summer because she kicks and splashes a lot more now during her baths. She was still super mellow though. But she does like it, I swear. I wanted to put her under the water so bad but Brandon said no.

She barely fit in to her swimming suit that she wore all summer. She's got the cutest chubby thighs you've ever seen.

In other news, Mckinley has finally started to show a little emotion when I try to take her picture! Wahoo!!! It's so frustrating to see so many cute smiles and not be able to capture them. Those days might just be over. (Knock on wood.)

Enjoying the big King bed (that turned out to be not so big anymore once she slept in it with us) at the hotel.

Look at that little toe hanging out of her jammies. Love it!!

Just cause she's cute.

I think this might have been the day when she all of a sudden started looking at me when I was holding the camera. She gave a little half smile.

The morning after Thanksgiving Brandon left while I was still sleeping to do a little early morning shopping. When he came back he came upstairs and told me what he got, and then he said "I have a surprise for you downstairs." He had crawled down in our yucky crawl space, pulled out the Christmas tree, rearranged the whole living room, and set up the tree. It was still dark outside and the tree lights were on. It was awesome.
I got out all my boxes of Christmas decorations (the only holiday I even have decorations for) and had a blast looking at everything in there. We didn't decorate last year, so it was extra fun doing it this year. Mckinley got in the Christmas spirit by wearing these cute reindeer antlers. They usually light up but the lights are broken. :( Anyway, we are excited for Mckinley's first Christmas! And then the month after that, she gets to finally meet her grandparents!!! Woohoo!!!


Kimberly said...

Cutest Baby Ever!

Emily said...

Her smiles are cute! You totally need to put her under water. I had Jaclyn in swimming lessons that young and all you need to do is blow in her face first, then dunk her under. She'll naturally hold her breath!! Jaclyn is so fearless of the water now, she loves swimming!!

nora.lakehurst said...

She is so cute! Look at that little cheeser! Man I wish I could have seen you guys on Sunday. I might miss this Sunday too. :( She will grow up way to fast.

Jilleen said...

Nate put up our Christmas tree while I was still sleeping too. Of course, it wasn't decorated, but that's we have kids for. ;) Looks like a fun Holiday.... sorry you were sick in the beginning.

Kim and Preston said...

She is so cute! I love her cute skinny jeans. Glad you are feeling better.

The Cederlinds said...

Mckinley is super cute and she is at my favorite age. I just love reading you gush about her, so sweet.

Kris said...

I love the little reindeer! And the toes sticking out of the jammies cracks me up because Linc has jammies right now too, that his big toe sticks out of. And that was so sweet of Brandon to set up the tree.