Friday, February 25, 2011


Before I start this post, I want you to notice that there is in fact a picture of me in here and one of Brandon. So I am keeping my promise to not only blog about Mckinley. But who are we kidding? She is the center of our world. Every day when Brandon gets home from work I proceed to tell him every little thing she did that was cute. He does the same for me when he's alone with her. We just love her so much and can't get enough!!

Anyway, life has been really good lately. Just the same old. Working a tiny bit here and there, spending lots of time with my parents, and just watching Mckinley grow and learn so much so fast! We wouldn't have it any other way.

One of the things Mckinley loves to do is pull the wipes out of the wipes container. And for some reason she loves to put them in her mouth.

Life has started to get really fun lately. Mckinley is getting more and more mobile, crawling everywhere and getting into lots of fun stuff. Here she is after she proudly pulled out all the DVD's. Good thing we don't collect a lot of movies. :)

Mckinley's very favorite toy is her music table she got from Grandpa Salmon for Christmas. She walks around and around it and stays entertained for long periods of time.

It's funny now with her crawling everywhere, sometimes I will look into the family room and not see her anywhere. This one day I looked for her and barely saw her little feet sticking out from her car seat. This is a toy she really likes as well. By the time I got the camera out, she wasn't as far into it as earlier, but still super cute.

Then she realized I was taking pictures and sat down and gave me a big cheeser. I love that she smiles for the camera now! Even though with our point and shoot she just looks super chubby. But oh, chubby cheeks are the best. So fun to squeeze and kiss.

If I had photoshop I would take Mckinley's head from this picture...

and add it to this one. Bryn's little smile is just too cute!!!!

Mckinley is giving me lots and lots of practice with doing her hair in a ponytail on the top of her head. She pulls it out multiple times a day. Yesterday I spent the entire day at my parents' house just hanging out and after one of her naps, Mckinley had pulled her ponytail out and had some awesome hair to show for it.

Looked like a mohawk from the side. Ha ha ha. Love it. I think I did her hair 6 times that day.

Mckinley is starting to get a little more cuddly and we are soaking up every minute of it. Brandon lucked out the other night and had her fall asleep on his shoulder. He said it was the best day of his life. :) This picture isn't from that night, it was just yesterday after we got home from Walmart and she had fallen asleep in her car seat.

Her newest trick is climbing up the stairs. Time to really keep an eye on her. She's so proud of herself. Even while climbing up I just said "Mckinley, look at Mom" and she turned around and smiled for the camera, then kept going. She got all the way to the very top, laid her head down on the floor, and sighed. It's tough work climbing up stairs when you're just 27.5 inches tall. :)
Today is an awesome lazy Friday. Brandon and I had no idea it even snowed till he opened the door to go to work and then we saw there was like 6 inches on the ground. Yuck. My only plans were to go to lunch with Brandon but then we had to cancel because he's going to lunch with someone for some business something or other. So yay, I get to stay inside. I keep meaning to take Mckinley to baby book time at the library on Fridays but here she is almost 10 months old and I have never taken her. I guess I really need to plan for it, because even when I have nothing to do on a Friday, I just still stay here at home. I need someone to go with me. Kristi, you up for it?
I guess that's the update for now. Especially because I can hear Mckinley starting to wake up from her nap. We always go in now and find her standing up just waiting for us. It's so darn cute! Love love love this little girl...


Amanda&Wade said...

She is so cute! And growing up so fast!!! I love how you cherish the moments they fall asleep on you! That is my FAVORITE!!! It doesn't happen often.

Steve & Julie said...

She is getting chubby. I think she looks so much like you did when you were a baby. She is adorable and I am glad you are having so much fun with her. If you want to e-mail me those two pictures, I can switch her head over for you :) We need to get together again soon. You're it for the planning (I know I always make you be in charge).

Jessica said...

Wow! Look at her! I can't believe she's standing up and crawling stairs already.

Kellie said...

Oh what a little cutie! I love reading the posts about her so don't feel bad that she is all that you post about. I can't believe how she is getting up the stairs already. Averie hasn't been quite that brave yet.

Cyleste said...

Leah is fasinated by the stairs too! Funny. We should go to the library some Friday. I need to be better about getting out & about. I've become such a homebody.

nora.lakehurst said...

Does she like that stroller thing? She is so cute! Her kissing pillows are just so kissable. And I love that she poses. Dannan did the same and still does.
Man life is good right.... well till they talk back.

Kris said...

I love that mohawk and chubby cheeks! I'm totally up for the library too... I've been meaning to take them on Fridays, especially since I don't usually make it to Log's story time during the week anyway. He can look at books or wander a little if he's bored. :-)