Monday, February 14, 2011

Random Stuff

Oops, posted this to the wrong blog! Sorry for those of you who are seeing it twice.

Just a few random pictures from the past few days.

Best Friends. Brynlee and Mckinley.

We took Mckinley to the Bean Museum for the first time over the weekend. She was pretty tired, but I think she liked it okay.
Mckinley and Dad.
My parents spoke in Church yesterday and then we had a family dinner after. My dad was showing all the grandkids pictures of their parents (my brothers) from back in the day when they had mullets, long hair, and thought they were too cool for the world. The kids were all laughing so hard. Wait till their kids look at these pictures of them!

And here's one of the pictures we emailed to Brandon at work today. We sure miss him while he's gone....

Today had been a fun Valentine's Day. Brandon always finishes eating before I do so when he was done but I was still eating he went around the house hiding heart shaped notes for me. I've found 3 so far and each one has been awesome!!


nora.lakehurst said...

That is awesome! And I LOVE the photo of you two. Look at how happy the babe is. Aw so cute!!!!!!!!!

Dallin + Shellee said...

Good job Brandon-that is really cute. Bryn and Mckinley are so cute together-love the picture.

Jason and Shannon Salmon said...

Love the one of bryn and kinley! :)