Friday, June 24, 2011

Bishop Family Vacation

Before I start on the new post, a few things from the last post about Mckinley being a big girl. Well, I did my post as she was napping, first thing when she woke up she looked around her room and said "shoes!" She wanted her shoes on first thing. Shoes is her first word that she says really clearly and has a perfect understanding of what it is.

Then I put her in the car and we went to run a few errands. At the drive through at the bank, they heard me tickling Mckinley in the car and her laughing, so they asked if I had a kid with me and if they would like a sucker. I thought, wow, Mckinley is big enough to eat a sucker. So here she is in her car seat eating her sucker, happy as can be.

And speaking of car seats, last Saturday we upgraded her to a front facing car seat. She looks little again in a big car seat. But see, I wasn't kidding about her growing up.

Here she is in the car seat box. I thought for sure I'd be able to shut the lid with her in it but she was a little too tall. I think I still feel like she's little but it's time to realize she's not.

Okay anyway, enough of that. So on Tuesday this week my whole family got together to go to the zoo and then we stayed overnight at a fun resort at Snowbird.

It's been so long since I've been to Hogle Zoo. It seems like they got rid of some of the real animals to make room for these big fake dinosaurs that move and make noises and some of them squirt water. I'd rather see real animals, but oh well.

It was a super hot day and there were tons of people at the zoo, but I love the zoo so much so I was still glad we went.

Mckinley wasn't as in to it as I thought she'd be. She always gets so excited at home when she hears dogs or birds and stuff so I thought she'd love all the animals but there were times when we couldn't even get her to look at them.

She wouldn't sleep in her stroller at all so she was pretty overdue for a nap by the time we were done.

Checking out the snake. Mckinley will say "tssssss" if you ask her what a snake says. It's so cute!

I think maybe she could beat up an infant gorilla...not that she would...

Isn't this cute? We just asked her how big she is to make it look like she's smart enough to hold her hands out to the side. Ha ha ha.

Mckinley and Ammon looking at the gorilla.

Usually the hippopotamus is my favorite animal at the zoo (don't ask me why, just always has been) but since there are apparently none of them at Hogle Zoo anymore, this gorilla was my favorite of the day. He wrapped himself up in this sheet and had one leg over the other knee, just like any human would do on a hot day.

All of the grand kids except Mckinley and Bryce on one of the many fake dinosaurs.

After the zoo we headed over to our resort at Snowbird and jumped straight into the pool. It was kind of cool swimming in a heated pool right next to the snowy mountains.

On Wednesday we went down the zip line, Brandon went on the tram, and the kids played on the bungee trampolines and other stuff they had there. Too bad the alpine slide was shut down because there was still too much snow. This picture shows the cool resort we had. We had our own little private hot tub out on our balcony. It was cool. (and that's Bryant on the zip line)

Here's me struggling up the easiest course on the rock climbing wall while my 9-year old nephew Brecken schooled me on the hardest one.

The view from our room. It looks all cold but we were constantly putting sunscreen on and wearing shorts. The weather was awesome.

Mckinley definitely tries to hold her own with all her cousins. Here she is fighting her way into the bowl of popcorn.

And there she is with a mouthful of it. Anyone who knows Mckinley knows this girl loves her food. I'm pretty sure she'd eat all day long if we let her.

Thanks to my mom and dad for ALL the pictures from our vacation. I made sure to charge my camera battery and have it all ready the night before our trip, then when I pulled it out to take pictures of the zoo, it wouldn't turn on. Brandon said he accidentally dropped it when he was getting it out of my purse, but only a few inches. Apparently when your camera is four years old, a few inches is far enough. It's broken. :( We got a really good 4 years out of that camera. And now we get to buy a new one. It's not all bad.

Life is good, I can't believe the 4th of July is coming up. It's so weird that we're doing things this year that we did with Mckinley LAST year too. Is she that old? Every year just gets better and better. It's so nice to go places and not deal with nursing her, binkis, and other stuff like that.

We are also getting ready to rent our house out so we can go live in my parents house while they're in China. We posted it on KSL Thursday night. Friday we had someone call and come look at it and they want it. Then today we had three people want to come and look at it. So we deleted the ad for now. I feel bad for the people who want it but won't get it. I'm glad I'm not in their shoes.

Anyway, this is enough for now. I'm off to go continue enjoying my summer....


nora.lakehurst said...

She is so cute! SO SO SO Cute! I am so sad you are moving though :(. I sure hope you guys come back soon.

Cyleste said...

I agree about the zoo...they have so many less animals now. Bigger zoo, bigger fee, less animals? Doesn't make sense to me. BTW I love the Elmo shirt!

Hannah S said...

What a fun family vacation! I can't believe this Utah weather with all the snow left? Crazy.

So how long will you be in your parents house?