Thursday, June 16, 2011

Such a big girl

If it wasn't official before, it's official now. We don't have a baby anymore. Mckinley acts like she's such a big girl. She is so adorable and we just love her more than we ever could have dreamed.

She is starting to smile on command. This was at 7 Peaks the other day.

She'll even smile now when no one's behind the camera. I love it.

Look at her looking all grown up and stuff on a chair helping me make (eat) banana bread.

She's really into dipping things. She was eating a cracker and wanted to dip it in the batter so I got her a little bowl of it and she went to town. Other things she has dipped: crackers in fry sauce and in potato soup and in cottage cheese (and banana bread batter), PB&J in ketchup (ewww) and in potato soup.

I have been wanting to do Mckinley's hand and foot prints for a long time. We stripped her down the other day and took her out in the back to attempt it. I thought it would be easier with two people (I tried it on my own when she was like 6 or 7 months) but we still barely got one hand print and one print of each of her adorable feet. I guess one is all you need though, right? Anyway, she had fun playing with the water coming out of the hose.

A little trip down to Utah Lake last night to see how full the lake is. The dock we usually go to is buried in water. See that cute smile, and I don't even think we asked her to this time.

Enjoying a very large lolly pop. :)

Mckinley will sit forever and play with her little container of hair bows and bracelets. She always picks up the hair clips and tries to put them in her own hair. This morning I decided to help her out. She is wearing all of her bracelets and all the bows. :)


Amanda said...

She is so cute. I don't think I have even seen her yet, have I? We should get together if I come out next month, Sara is coming too. Kinley is into wearing all of her swimsuits at one time, kids are so funny.

Dallin + Shellee said...

I can't believe how cute she is. I just want to hug her. I love playing with her and hearing her laugh. Such a cute girl.

Adam and Hilary said...

seven peaks how fun! Mckinley has such an adorable smile!!
we are most likely coming home for Christmas. So by the time we see you our baby will be 5 months old.

byufish said...

Sad...but happy all at the same time eh? She sure is growing up! Gotta love the dipping...she's a smart one that Mckinley!

Wendy said...

She is so cute!