Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Camera is Here

Our new camera is here! So of course we had to get started right away videoing some of the adorable things Mckinley is doing these days.

Here's what she does after you put chapstick on her lips.

I finally went to seven peaks when it wasn't busy. Wahoo! You just gotta go first thing in the morning. Kristen, my mom, and Shellee came with me today which was awesome because for the first time I actually got to ride some rides. And there were NO lines. It was sweet. I even took Mckinley on one of the water slides with me. Our seven peaks trip was right during her first nap and she totally zonked out on the way home.

Isn't that precious?

This will be the last post from our first home as a family. We are moving in to my parents' house this Friday. We've moved a lot of stuff already and our house is looking SO empty! When we moved from Jason and Shannon's basement to this house our total move time was 30 minutes. This one will most definitely be longer but we are pretty darn prepared so I bet it will be quick.


Kim and Preston said...

She is adorable! I just love the video of her smacking her lips!

Barb said...

What camera did you end up buying? I am in the market for a new one. :)