Friday, July 29, 2011


Last night we stopped by Nielsen's Grove again and saw some new baby ducks. We have been to the park so many times this summer to see the ducks and I absolutely love it! They are so stinking cute.

I think these ones are a new batch of ducks, newer than that last big batch we saw.

Mckinley had so much fun in the swing and kept shaking her head "no" when we asked her if she wanted to get out.

Mckinley and I went to Seven Peaks twice this week and had a blast. She is loving the water so much more now. She loves to go walking in the wave pool all by herself. We also went down the big waterslide and the little waterslide in the kiddie pool that she loved. She loves taking baths too.

Speaking of babies, there is a bird's next in the corner of our covered parking, right by our car. We always felt so bad because when the mom was sitting on the eggs, we would always scare her away when we got in our car. Yesterday when we left I noticed she was standing on the ledge next to the nest, but not on the nest, and then I saw her feed her babies. I'm pretty sure they just hatched yesterday. When we got home last night, she was already gone, so Brandon got up high and took a picture of the two little baby birds. I love baby animals! Hopefully these birds don't get hurt when they try to fly, since if they fall out of their nest they will fall on the pavement instead of on grass. Probably not the smartest place for the mom to build her nest.

Today is moving day! I'm off to go pack up the whole house so we can move it tonight. I'm so excited for this change!


Jon and Kari-Lynn Tarleton said...

good luck with the move. i must have missed it. why are you moving? where are you moving to?