Tuesday, July 19, 2011


A new camera is on its way in the mail!!! Yay for online shopping. Gotta love it. I seriously can't wait till it gets here. These might be the last few pics from my sister's camera. We'll see.

Anyway, so I put on a Baby Einstein video for Mckinley the other day and then for fun I pulled out her old bouncer chair to let her sit in it. She loves sitting on anything that is her size. It was crazy to see how stinking big she is now. The front of the chair was touching the ground when she sat in it!

Here she is a year ago in the same chair watching a Baby Einstein video. I can't believe how much smaller she was, yet she just looks like the same Mckinley.

This picture is too cute not to post. Haley got Sam and Mckinley up on the piano bench with her and they were all playing. Adorable!

Brandon and I realized that the day we saw those 12 little baby ducks was probably the first day of their lives! They were even newer than we thought. We are a little obsessed and went back to the park 3 more times last week to try to see them. Some of them have died and the rest of them are so much bigger and braver and just swimming all over the pond. It's crazy to think that on Tuesday last week when we saw them they were all snuggling together and falling asleep on each other. They must have been so new and we feel so lucky to have been able to see and watch them that day.

Anyway, one of our trips back to the park was the day that Harry Potter came out. There were some weirdos at the park setting up a Quidditch game. Wow people. Really? If you care, you can click on the picture and see the hoops they had set up. Brandon and I did go and watch Harry Potter on Saturday and we both thought it was really good, but we are in no way obsessed. Oh yeah, and that's Mckinley in the picture wandering very far away from us. We are going to have to keep a close eye on that girl! She'll walk away from you and not look back and I'm pretty sure if we let her she'd just keep going and going.

Another look at the hoops...


Aubrey said...

1. McKinley is hilarious in that little chair.
2. Those hoops look legit! There are definitely some hardcore fans out there. I'm sad I missed the midnight premiere to make fun of all the weirdos. Haha.

Kim and Preston said...

I love seeing kids at the paino it is so cute!

Coach'n'Kartch said...

Thanks for calling us weirdos steph, we set up those hoops to play quiditch. I guess we won't invite you next week when we play.