Wednesday, August 24, 2011


There are 30 pictures in this post. But if it makes you feel any better, I have taken 152 pictures since my last post, so I'm not posting all of them. :) Not even close.

This has been such a fun summer. We have done so much. It has also been a blast living with my parents. We make fun dinners together, eat out on the deck, help each other with the cleaning, and of course my parents have babysat for us a lot which has been awesome.

So anyway, let's get started.

Mckinley fell asleep in her carseat on the way home from somewhere (I don't even remember what we did that day anymore) and Brandon enjoyed every second of her asleep on his shoulder.

Mckinley is loving all the toys my mom's house has to offer. She just runs around all day playing with different things and going upstairs and downstairs and just enjoying all the space.

Brandon has softball games once a week that we try to go to. Of course I never see any of the game because I spend all my time chasing Mckinley around. But it's still fun to go. Here's Mckinley with two of her cousins, Mady and Austin.

Ross turned 56 I think on August 17th. Mckinley helped him blow out his candles. Sort of. :) Mckinley does blow whenever she thinks something is hot. She also says hot, but without the t sound at the end. She blows whenever I put food in the microwave or cook something on the stove or have something in the oven.

We are enjoying being 3 houses away from my last living grandparent, my Grandma Bishop. Mckinley found this doll over there the other day and didn't want to let her go. She loves loves loves dolls and babies and constantly kisses and hugs them.

We hit up Thanksgiving Point's $2 Tuesdays and went to the Gardens. I met up with some of my high school friends that I hadn't seen in a while and our babies played in the water together and had fun. Mckenzie is going to send me some pictures soon (hint hint) of Mckinley in the Noah's Ark splash pool. My new camera arrived that day and I didn't have it with me yet. (I know I said we got our new camera a whiel ago but we ended up sending it back because the shutter sounded weird when it opened and closed so they sent us a new one.)

We went golfing at Trafalga one day and Mckinley was in need of a nap so you will not find her smiling in any of her pictures but I think she enjoyed herself at least a little. It was the first time I had tried the XD theater and I thought it was pretty cool. There was no line so we just went again and again.

Fishing down pretty far to get her ball out of the hole.

My grandparents with a bunch of their grandkids at Trafalga. These guys are so amazing and are so willing to babysit their grandkids anytime. We are going to miss them when they go!!!

Mckinley and Brandon having a Lady and the Tramp moment.

Mckinley and I have been to Seven Peaks quite a few times this summer and we always have so much fun. Especially when we go with enough people that I can leave her and go on the mat slide ride. It's my favorite! I did go on the boomerang once and it scared the crap out of me. :)

This picture is seriously awesome and you just HAVE to click on it to enlarge it to see Mckinley's facial expression. She loves that little slide in the kiddie pool. She jumps off the side of the pool to me now too.

Getting a drink after all that fun in the water.

We went to the demolition derby with Brandon's family. We've gone to the rodeo in the past but thought we'd try this out this year. I think I prefer the rodeo, but Brandon is hoping to go to this one every year.

We've been having a hard time getting this girl to smile for the camera lately.

Mckinley did well for the first 2 1/2 hours as long as she had some FOOD to eat. Ha ha ha. We ended up going home a little early because she was just DONE.

We took lots of pictures and videos but I'll just put one on here.

We have been finding Mckinley asleep like this a lot lately. She'll stick one leg or both out of her crib. In fact, we have a sweet set up here, because there are two doors to the bedroom she's sleeping in, so we are able to peek through one of the doors and watch her in there and she doesn't know we're watching. I took a video of her in there one day when she was supposed to be going to sleep and she was just having a blast, running from one side of the crib to the other and playing with her blanket and just talking to herself. She is so stinking adorable we can hardly stand it.

Here she is getting tickle tortured. The blanket we are on is one my parents got for their wedding and it was always one of my favorites to snuggle in growing up. Have I mentioned that I love living at my parents' house? It's so fun.

Oops, here's another picture of us golfing. This one is out of order. Mckinley was so frustrated because she wanted to hold her club and couldn't bend down to get the ball at the same time. It was really funny.

A couple days ago I was painting my mom's toenails and Mckinley seemed interested so I did hers as well. She held really still so it was super easy.

Then of course I had to do my nails as well.

All three of us were matching. If you ask Mckinley to show you her pretty toes she'll lift her foot up in the air. It's so cute!

Oh, by the way, this is my parents' house that we are living in. We built it when I was a baby, so it's 29 years old. I never thought I'd be back here with my husband and baby. And I didn't think I'd like living here very much, maybe that's why I'm loving it so much, I had low expectations. :)

Yesterday we went to Thanksgiving Point again for $2 Tuesdays but this time we went to the farm. Here's Mckinley looking at the baby chicks.

Most of the time we were there this is how you would see Mckinley - pointing. She really liked looking at the horses and cows and other animals. It was super hot but it was fun to be there.

I could not for the life of me get her to smile, but I did get this cute shot that I just love. It might be time to change the desktop background again...

Here we are next to a horse that she didn't dare pet. :)

After we saw all the animals we sat down in the shade for some food and Mckinley and Bryce enjoyed a few kisses.

So this morning after breakfast Mckinley was walking around and she came out of the bathroom with all this toilet paper and was wiping her nose with it. Ha ha ha. It was so funny. She is really good with having her nose wiped. She will just sit patiently while you wipe it, and obviously as you've seen here, she sometimes wipes it herself. And while we're on the subject of bathrooms, Mckinley will also tell me when she has pooped. She comes and finds me and makes a grunting noise like she's trying to poop. She doesn't do it every time, but it's awesome when she does. She is so smart! I love it.

Mckinley's big kick lately is finding my shoes or my mom's shoes and putting them on and walking around in them. She thinks it is so fun. Love the messy bed head!!

And that brings us up to date. Can't believe I had that much to blog about it in just a week and a half! Summertime is so fun. We are enjoying every minute.


Joanna said...

That picture of her reaching in the hole is cracking me up. She has a cute personality and I can see why with you as her mama :)

Kim and Preston said...

Looks like alot of fun! Glad you enjoyed summer.

Jilleen said...

So fun to see your updates!

Adam and Hilary said...

What a fun summer you've had! Maybe someday we can go on the boomerang slide together . I bet your reaction is priceless. ;)

I love all these moments you captured, especially the picture of your painted toe nails. Cute!

Miss ya cuz!

Lucky to be the mom said...

What a delightful little treasure she is! We absolutely LOVE watching her grow :) you're darling parents!