Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Well, it's done. We are out of our old house forever. This was our first home as a couple and as a family. We went through so many experiences in this house and it holds a lot of great memories. We will miss it.

Mckinley is having a blast living at my parents' house. She loves all the little chairs that are her size and the baby stroller and she loves this little black doll so much. She just goes from one thing to the next and is in heaven with all the toys. She is growing up so fast!

And speaking of growing up, for some reason Mckinley felt like she should be the one to feed her cousin Bryce his banana. He's only two months younger than her. But she would give him a bite, wait patiently while he ate it, then give him his next bite. It was pretty cute.

Some of Mckinley's new things these days are:

  • Knocking on doors. She loves to knock (er...pound) on the bathroom door when you're in there. And any other door that she sees that's shut. Somtimes even closet doors.

  • Giving hugs. She gives hugs all the time, even when you don't ask for them. And the last few days she has learned how to give a "squeeze." Instead of just laying her head on your shoulder to hug you, she will wrap both of her arms around your head and give you a squeeze. It feels awesome.

  • She loves to give fist bumps. And if she gives one, she always has to give another so she will go find someone else she can give one to.

  • She is wanting to go down the stairs forwards and it is freaking me out! She'll stand on the edge of the stair with her foot half way off. She thinks she is a lot more grown up than she is.

  • She HAS to feed herself. She gets mad sometimes if you try to feed her. She wants to do it all by herself. But if it gets hard to get the food on the spoon, she'll just grab handfuls of it, even if it's oatmeal. It gets quite messy but she's learning a lot and getting pretty good at it.

  • She is so scared of dogs and screams when they get anywhere near her.

  • She is starting to like swimming a lot more and loves to walk around in the wave pool all by herself, even when the water is up to her chest. She always ends up falling under and it doesn't seem to bother her.

I know there's more, but she's waking up from her nap and we've got things to do so I have to run. Until next time...


Dallin + Shellee said...

That is so cute. I feel like I haven't see you guys in forever. She is getting so big.