Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Few Things

Mckinley is loving playing outside in the backyard with my mom's toys. She figured out how to get in and out of this car, but still doesn't know how to make it move. :) She gets so excited though just to sit in there and honk the horn. For some reason when I told her to smile, she decided to put her mouth on the steering wheel instead.

This girl is so grown up. She pretty much feeds herself all the time now. Here she is this morning eating a bowl of cereal.

Shoving the spoon into her mouth to make sure she got ALL the cheerios that were on it.

PS. I forgot to mention that at my work party last Saturday night I won a Nintendo Wii with Mario Kart!!! How cool is that? I never win anything and I was so excited about it!!! My work party was at the Lindon pool but we didn't take any pictures. Brandon decided to pass on the FlowRider this time, and that's usually the funnest thing to take pictures of.


Aubrey said...

I love her sucking on that steering wheel. That's really awesome that you won a Wii! I have no interest in Wiis, but I would sell it and buy some shoes. Haha!

byufish said...

Great breakfast...better than what I feed myself too. She's growing up so fast!!