Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween!

We lucked out again this year with front row seats to the kick-off basketball game at BYU. Magelby's catered the dinner before the game and the food was awesome.

Us at the game last year:

This year: (uh...someone is growing up!)

Best seat in the house. Front row, center court, again. This picture was from 2010.

Exact same seat for 2011. :) I think it's Blake Roney's spot. I actually ended up switching to the 4th row because Mckinley did not want to sit on my lap for longer than about 5 seconds. We went with a bunch of Brandon's family and had a really fun time.

Here is my cute little bumblebee. This picture was taken a while back when we were trying on the costume. She loved the headband so much that it ended up broken and the stores were all out of replacements. :(

She still looks cute without it. This was at our ward Halloween party last night. Mckinley had fun playing with her new little friend Charlotte who is the little girl of one of my old favorite friends, Sara, who is in town.

This picture is a little fuzzy. I am still trying to figure out my new iPhone I got this week!

Yesterday before the ward party we had a fun family part over at my brother's house. Mckinley had a blast playing in their little kitchen. Turns out it's actually my mom's kitchen and my sister-in-law told us we should take it home because her kids don't play with it. I think I know what Santa is bringing Mckinley for Christmas this year. :)

Fuzzy iPhone family picture.

Mckinley loved the soup Emily made. She was covered in it by the end but she enjoyed every bite.

Just like cereal, she wanted to drink the stuff at the end.

Then she started getting silly and was lapping it up like a dog.


Aubrey said...

Magleby's before BYU basketball game and front row seats? Amazing! I love the pic of McKinley lapping up her soup. She is such a cutie.